Driving without enough liability insurance is a lot like driving naked.

Yes, really. Naked. Exposed. Without clothes.

But why?


We cover up because we don’t want people to see our vulnerabilities without our consent. We literally cover up what we only want select few people to be able to observe, view, or even touch. Insurance covers up one meaning of the term “assets”, while clothes covers up the second.

Not only are the outwardly desirable parts of our bodies covered up with clothes, but our flaws, insecurities, and weaknesses are hidden. We show them only to those we trust, only to those people we deem worthy. For someone to come in and take that knowledge without our consent is unforgivable.

Liability is protection for the desirable parts of your life: your home, your jewelry, your acquisitions, your possessions. Things you’ve worked for, things you put behind a locked door. If you didn’t care about them, you wouldn’t lock that front door.  It also protects your bank accounts, your income, and your retirement. If you didn’t care about those you wouldn’t be afraid of having personal information like credit card numbers or Social Security numbers out on the internet, you wouldn’t have your investments and bank accounts under password protection.

The exposure of liability comes from when an accident happens.

Auto insurance is there to pay whomever is hit money to help get things back to normal. Insurance exists for the person who hits another by accident to pay the person they hurt. Insurance’s main role is to fix the one who was hurt.

I can’t rephrase it enough: insurance pays the other person first.

But why is it important?

If someone hit you, you would want them to pay for everything you needed to get better: medical bills, rehabilitation, lost wages, pain and suffering, further therapy, damages to property, and so on. There are myriad things that need to be covered if you are hurt. If they didn’t have enough coverage to get you back to normal and compensate you for your lost time, wouldn’t you go after them in a court of law?

I would. I would.

Do you think someone would do the same to you?

What’s covered up?

The state of Arizona makes certain possessions available to be seized, or taken, if someone doesn’t have enough insurance and/or enough money to bring someone back to where they were before. What’s at risk?

  • Musical instruments valued over $250
  • Apparel worth more than $500
  • Vehicles worth more than $5,000
  • Pets worth more than $500
  • Wedding and engagement rings worth more than $1,000 (so, you know, most of them)
  • Books and book collections worth more than $250
  • Anything in your bank account over $150
  • IRA and 401(k) accounts
  • 25% of future wages

What’s safe from a lawsuit or settlement?

  • Cash value life insurance
  • Wheelchairs and prostheses

Can I be your tailor?

I don’t want you going into a black tie gala wearing an itsy bitsy teeny weeny yellow polka dot bikini.

I want you going in with a fitting, flattering, perfectly draped little black dress or a perfectly fitted single breasted tuxedo with unblemished satin lapels, black shirt button inserts, shined cufflinks, and a hand tied bow tie.

I don’t want you wearing that dress or that suit into a pool, I want you to jump into that pool with the proper attire (I don’t know if you’re going to be splashing around or swimming laps).

Your insurance is there, yes, to help replace your car and your stuff if something happens. But the biggest part of it is there to protect you from lawsuits if something happens. Let us be your tailor so you don’t have to drive naked.

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