Bow tie tribe, Eddie here.

I am beside myself to announce the next iteration of our service reach: podcasting. It’s been a long time coming and a long time in the works, but we’re finally ready to announce The Bow Tie Touch. This will be a semi-weekly podcast launching July 11, 2016.

With The Bow Tie Touch we’ll be interviewing entrepreneurs, employers, employees, and consumers to empower experiences.

Empower experiences? What does that mean?

It’s simple

We all want the same thing from our business interactions: a successful transaction. Consumers, employees, and employers don’t have to be on opposing sides. The transfer of money doesn’t make us enemies, adversaries, or in any way at odds. It makes us allies.

The customer isn’t always right, the employer isn’t always wrong, and the inverse isn’t true either. We’re all humans (you know, people) trying to get stuff done. So let’s help each other get it done.

The format

As I said, I’ll be interviewing people about their experiences helping customers, as customers, or as the directors of those who help customers. There will be a bio introducing my guest, some long-form discussion questions, and then a quick-fire round. Some of you will see this modeled after EO Fire, and it definitely took much inspiration from that podcast.

Between guest interviews I’ll be speaking on a subject at hand. It might be influenced by recent experiences of my own, it might be influenced by industry changes, it might be from current events, it could even be random inspiration. The goal is to have an overarching view of customer experiences and how to empower customers and service providers to make everyone’s experience better.

The inspiration

Aside from Johnny Dumas’ EO Fire, this came about from two things: a podcast addiction and a service addiction.

While listening to podcast after podcast about starting and running businesses, I didn’t hear any about making it better for the consumer. They all touch on the necessity of a good experience, but that’s just as a function of running a company and keeping clients/customers/members with you. I want to talk with people about the actual lifeblood of the company.

Thank you for reading this, bow tie tribe. I’m excited to bring you our first podcast Monday, July 11, 2016. The link will be shared and posted as soon as it’s available.

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