Here at Bow Tie Financial Group we’ve put together a quick list of simple safety tips to keep your Independence Day safe.


Keep it to sparklers, only. And keep it away from brush and buildings.

If it fires into the air, just don’t do it. We live in a dry desert and there’s an incredible fire hazard. Also, it startles pets.


Charcoal grill? Make sure to watch the fire as it burns down while igniting the coals. Don’t squirt lighter fluid on hot or flaming coals.

Why don’t you want to put lighter fluid on hot coals? It vaporizes the fuel and makes it susceptible to flashing up. Eddie fire danced for years and has seen this happen before. It’s dangerous.

Gas? Double check your propane lines and all the connections. If it doesn’t light up quickly, turn the gas off and let it dissipate.

Heat up hot food thoroughly. Safe internal temperatures of meat are:

  • Pork, ground beef: 160°F
  • Chicken, turkey: 165°F
  • Beef (medium-rare): 145°F
  • Beef (well done): 170°F
  • Beef (medium): 160°F
  • Sausage: 165°F

Keep cold food cold, we suggest a tub of ice underneath the container holding the food.


Your walls should be high enough to keep a panicking dog in your yard. Regardless, make sure your dogs and cats are safe in a room, especially if they’re prone to panicking at loud noises.

Many people are using thunder blankets for their dogs to calm them down.

What’s a thunder blanket? It’s a weighted blanket or coat for critters (or people) that provides comfort.

For those who let their furbabies walk around au naturale at home, keep the collars on them with their tags: just in case.


There are likely going to be a lot of drunk drivers. Don’t be one of them.

Cabs are always available, as are ridesharing apps like Uber and Lyft. Of course those will be subject to surge pricing later in the evening, if not earlier, so a cab may be more affordable.

If driving during fireworks shows, make sure not to watch them while you should be watching the road. Especially because you can bet on other drivers being less vigilant than you.

One last thing

Remember that Independence Day is a great celebration of the start of our fine country.

Freedom isn’t free. Some pay that price with their efforts and lives, others pay it with their taxes and sweat, some pay for it with dissent and protest.

However you pay for freedom, we here at Bow Tie Financial Group thank you from the bottom of our hearts. We will always have your back to protect what you have worked for and what you cherish.

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