One of the hardest things to do, for an independent agency, is to keep the wind at your back. Maintaining momentum with high quality products, a crew (or team, or advocacy group) to consult with, and industry leading continuing education is extraordinarily difficult. Basically, it’s just too many balls to juggle at once.

New York Life approached us late last year. They have dividend paying whole life insurance, excellent term products, and supported movement forward for securities. They’re truly a company that represents the values worthy of displaying the Bow Tie.

After much hemming and hawing, we saw that it was time to rescind our written “No New York Life” policy and realize that the policy was written from fear. Fear that they were right the entire time. Fear that they could get us to the agency we could be. Fear that we were mistaken.

Words aren’t a great meal, but when it’s time to eat your words, you must.

So we have eaten our words and signed with New York Life. We’re so proud to be a part of Big Blue with so much greatness backing us up.

In the next two weeks we’ll be getting our securities license and offering mutual funds, variable life insurance, 401k, and various other retirement and investment products. Immediately, though, we are able to offer dividend paying whole life and their excellent term products.

No longer offering Indexed Universal Life will be sad, as we have seen much good come from those, but we’ll be better positioned for future growth with mutual funds.

Just kidding.

We’ll never be captive, again! ¡Viva independence!

IULs, when built and funded properly will almost always outlast mutual funds. Dividend paying life is still not worth the money back, and we could never offer only one company for any kind of insurance — it’s not right for our clients. Heck, we can currently offer many New York Life products as it is, they just don’t perform as well as most of our other companies (Assurity, Principal, Nationwide, etc.).

April fools!

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