Boats, ATVs, and Toys

There’s more to life than work.

You know, like play. Lots of play.

Your boats, ATVs, and all other motorized toys present a few new challenges. Why? Because your home and auto insurance may not extend coverage to them.


You’ll want to make sure that if you hurt someone or damage their property, you will be protected from lawsuits, just like with home and auto. There are special policies to create this and, best of all, claims on them may not affect your normal insurance.

Just like with normal liability, there are usually uninsured and underinsured options that can be added on.


If you have a breakdown or crash, you’ll have damages to repair. It might be part of the actual boat that breaks, or a broken strut on a dune buggy. Regardless, just like with normal insurance, you can have these repaired subject to a deductible.

Other Options

Roadside (dockside?) assistance, towing, lockout service, any many more are available.

Most of these coverages extend also to the trailer used to haul your equipment, so it’s more than your jetskis, boats, and ATVs that are covered for everything listed above.

Contact us for a quote, today. We will help you make sure your fun time is protected.

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