Business Insurance

We are a small business.  We work locally, we shop locally, and we eat locally.

The plight of the small business owner is unique.  We have risks that most people can’t comprehend.  Aside from loss of materials and equipment, we have risks of lawsuits, defamation, embezzlement, employee theft, and an entire slew of others.

We will sit down with you and make sure that your business and, thus, your family and assets, are as covered as they can be.  A solid business owner’s policy (BOP) is usually surprisingly affordable and quite comprehensive.

What good would be be if we just did BOPs, though? We also have options for worker’s compensation, general liability, surety and worker’s bonds, and almost anything else you could envision needing to protect your business.

On top of that we have a network of people we work with who can advise you with non-insurance related things, as well, whether it is how to incorporate, manage your accounting, or even streamline your payroll and benefits.

Finally, we only work with people we are able to trust fully, so you’ll receive the same stellar level of knowledge and customer service from our partners as you will from us.

Call us today at 520.867.4705 or submit a quote request and we’ll get back to you expeditiously.

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