Medicare Supplements

Medicare is confusing. Really confusing!

When you’re hitting that age of 64 ½ and getting ready to figure out what is going to change with your health insurance and what your options are, you’re bombarded with information. Information and ads.

Some of it is good and well written, some of it is misleading, all of it is designed to get you to call the agent or company and sit down with them so they can sign you up and earn their commission.

We’re a little different

Yes, we would love to sign you up. More than that, we want you to know what you’re purchasing and what you’re receiving. We want you to be comfortable with what is covered and what the policy limitations are.

We believe in education. We want you to help you understand the differences between true Medicare supplements and Advantage Plans. We want to make sure your doctor is covered, your drugs are take care of, and your expenses are managed.

Every carrier is made to offer the same baseline coverage, you deserve to know which ones reliably go above and beyond to protect you.

In the end our legal job is to educate and facilitate. That is exactly what we do, and we do it in a friendly, approachable, easy to understand way.

Contact us for a quote, today, and we’ll help you understand all that’s going on.

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