The American Dream

You literally give it out. You sell it, provide it, and inspire it. The founders and explorers of this country fought weather, disease, and starvation just to carve out a space that could be theirs.

This tradition has carried through all eras of our history, from the dark to the bright. Today’s Realtors and lenders are the frontiersmen of this centuries old tradition. Instead of being on the forefront of exploration and danger, you’re leading with market changes, dynamic programs, and a wealth of information that only a dedicated professional can obtain.

The American Dream is accessible through you, and you are its facilitator.

It’s not an easy process

If it were, you wouldn’t be doing what you do. There’s a complex dance of moving parts to coordinate, whether it’s documents and pre-approval, the minutiae of loan options, or even just finding the right place that meets your client’s wants and needs.

Clients can easily get overwhelmed or nervous during the process. With so many moving parts they don’t have control over, who can blame them?

This is your world, day in and day out, not theirs.

Where we come in

Buying a house should be exciting whether it’s your first ever or seventh investment property of the month.

We take one detail, insurance, and use our proprietary system to keep your client engaged and excited about this process. Instead of dreading the industry so many people do, they get a friendly quote video tailored just for them, outlining their options, their coverages, and what it all does.

It’s the perfect way to give the information of a face-to-face meeting without yet another scheduling dance.

Even more

We’re an independent agency. We have over 20 companies to work with to get coverage for almost any situation (even those with many losses and bully breeds of dogs). We have incredible flexibility in case we need super-low premium to preserve the ratio, or something intricate to preserve their home-based business.

Horses? Goats? Firearms? High value jewelry or collectibles? Easy.

Claims on the CLUE Report? Not to worry, many new purchases will qualify for our Clean Slate program.

No extenuating circumstances? Business as usual? Even easier.

What do you get from us?

  • Incredibly fast turnaround time
  • Engaged, excited clients
  • Clients who are informed about their choices
  • Third party validation of your quality
  • Flexible options for practically any situation
  • A simplified close process

How to get started

There are two main schools of thought: one is that the client gave you their info and you want as few things in their hands as possible, the other is that they should seize control of their insurance process.

For the former: head over to our quote page here and enter their information. We’ll reach out.

For the latter, enter their name, phone number, email, MLS link, and your name and number below, and we’ll take care of it all.

Finally, remember to start early. Most of our carriers offer an advance quote discount, and we can work with ratios better with a little headway. It’s not a problem to start with one prospective address and weigh insurance options with different ones.

To get a quote, we just need a few pieces of information below.

  1. Your client’s name
  2. Your client’s date of birth (DOB)
  3. Their spouse’s name and DOB, if married
  4. Their current address
  5. Their proposed new address
  6. Your name and email

We’re excited to work with you and your clients!


Find Us

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Monday—Friday: 9:00AM–5:00PM
Saturday & Sunday: by appointment

Six word mission:

Protect today. Grow tomorrow. Rest easy.

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