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We represent multiple carriers to find the best coverage for you at the best price. Whether it’s auto, home, life, Medicare, or business insurance, we have the best options to protect what you love.

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Our Protection Process


We gather information, different than what you might be used to. This is to help us figure out potential risks and holes in your coverage you may not be aware of and how best to close them up.


We review coverages with companies and make sure your risks are managed, holes in coverage are patched, and budget is met.


Finally, we help you compare different options that we generated with our proprietary proposal system. Since knowledge is power, we empower you to pick the option you feel will be best.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A lot of people end up with a few recurring questions about insurance. For some reason people ask them in embarrassed tones. There’s no reason for that embarrassment, as it’s our job to know the answers!

We’ve taken a few of the most common ones and put them here for you. If you need clarification on any of them, just let us know.

How do we expand coverage and lower rates?

Most agencies represent one or two companies, so they try to fit you into their main program or their non-standard one. We represent multiple carriers, so we can find the one that best fits your coverage needs.

The best part is that when we find a fit (which we almost always do), they give the best rates. And if you’re in a sticky situation, we specialize in helping you get your rates down and coverage up over time, sometimes as little as six months!

Will changing homeowner's insurance affect my mortgage?

Yes and no.

If you pay your insurance as part of your mortgage, then lowering rates will lower your monthly payment. If you don’t pay through your mortgage, then it won’t affect it at all.

We also strive to make the process seamless by providing forms and other services which allow us to change the insurance over with your mortgage company.

Does shopping insurance affect my credit?

It does not.

Insurance companies pull a “soft hit” on your credit, so it won’t change your mortgage rate nor will it affect any other options.

Do insurance companies pull credit?

They do, to a limited degree. We don’t see anything about it, at least not directly.

There is what’s called a “credit-based insurance score”. We don’t see anything about your credit, only its effects on rates. While insurance carriers are secretive about how they manage this part of risk assessment, we’re still able to find the best fit for any situation.

After 15 years with Farmers’ I decided to see if I could save a little, so I sat down for an appointment with Eddie. Sure enough, Eddie saved me a few hundred dollars.

Marty J.

My husband and I recently changed all our insurance needs to Bow Tie Financial Group. The transition was seamless. Not only did we save hundreds of dollars annually, we got better coverage. I thoroughly enjoyed the personalized video sent to us which describes our coverage. It is very clever and handy to be able to reference it at our convenience. Thank you Eddie for your great service.

Anita K.

Beat Cancer Boot Camp

Eddie has an incredible business here with Bow Tie Financial. You feel that honesty and trust is built from the moment you give him your information. He will do whatever it takes to help you, at any time. He makes himself very accessible and prides himself on exceptional customer service time and time again.

Carter H.

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